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Quickly find groups that align with your needs with the ability to search HARP by:
  • Disease type
  • Geography
  • Voice of strength (e.g. policy, patient education etc.)
  • Key individuals within the organizations
  • Charity Navigator rating
  • Financial Highlights
  • Advisory Board Members
  • Scientific Advisory Board Members
  • Sponsors
  • Partnerships
  • Programs
  • Grant Tracking

HARP is your go-to resource for comprehensive advocacy organization information at your fingertips.

Key Features of HARP

HARP makes finding the real-time information you’re looking for – fast
and effortless. 

A single touchpoint for insights you value most.

Exploration, Access & Management of Your Advocacy Relationships


 HARP is an online database of health care advocacy and professional organizations.


It is designed to facilitate simple exploration, tracking and management of all advocacy organizations as well as assist companies in determining which groups and leaders align most closely with their own business objectives.

   HARP - Health Advocacy Registry Project   

Our vision with HARP is to further facilitate strong relationships between advocacy (patient and professional) and pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies in order to support business goals as well as enhance key processes in managing those relationships. 
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