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Strong Reputation
Patient Alliances was established with a strong reputation in the health care and pharmaceutical industry focused on maintaining integrity and solid relationships.  
We are committed to working hard to align directly with our client's missions and values.  
Our goal is to establish our clients as respected leaders in the advocacy industry both before and after a product launch as well as through the life cycle of the product.  
Who We Are


Patient Alliances was founded by managing partners, Brian Garofalo and Peggy Carroll. They have more than 50 years combined experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with nearly 25 years experience specifically in advocacy relations. 


Their experience speaks for itself. Their passion is what drives business forward. Read more about Patient Alliances team. >

  • Provide leadership & vision
  • Collaborate across national & state entitites
  • Promote powerful patient progams 
  • Build on client objectives 
Pillars of Our Success
 Brian Garofalo 
 Peggy Carroll  
We strive to meet the needs of patients for better medicine and improved access through collaborative teamwork and strategic planning.

   About Us    

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